Additional file 3: of Comprehensive comparison of three different animal models for systemic inflammation

iNOS expression in the livers and spleens as well as HE staining in the spleens of PCI-treated mice. At the time point indicated, mice were sacrificed and livers and spleens were collected for immunohistochemical analysis. (a) Course of iNOS expression (red-brown color, counterstaining with hematoxylin; original magnification: 400×) in the livers of PCI-treated mice as supplements to Fig. 4a and b. Arrows exemplarily show the infiltrating neutrophils. (b) HE-stained spleens 24 h after PCI treatment (original magnification: 400×). (c) iNOS expression patterns after PCI treatment at 24 h (original magnification: 400×) as a supplemental to Fig. 6e. (TIFF 1827 kb)