Additional file 3: of Assessing S. mansoni prevalence in Biomphalaria snails in the Gombe ecosystem of western Tanzania: the importance of DNA sequence data for clarifying species identification

Supplementary Sequence Information. This file provides the sequences (in FASTA format) that were obtained from sequencing each of the band sizes found using the primers ETTS2 and ETTS17, which target the ITS1 region of the ribosomal DNA array. For the 1000 bp band, the sequences were not of sufficient quality to sequence through the entire fragment. For the other bands (approximately 600 bp for snails and 500 bp for trematodes), the size of the consensus sequence for the two primers is indicated, along with the sequence identity, as determined using BLAST. For the 1000 bp product, only the sequence from the ETTS2 primer is provided. For B. pfeifferi, the type 1 and type 2 sequences only differ by a single nucleotide. For each sequence type, the closest matching sequences in GenBank are included. Alignment is only possible within and not between, sequence types, due to the large length variation. (TXT 20 kb)