Additional file 3: of An optimized approach for annotation of large eukaryotic genomic sequences using genetic algorithm

Accuracy of GPGA in Human Chromosome 21 annotation; Table S7-S10; Figure S1 (a) and (b). Table S7. Total number of conserve blocks, exons, genes (along with overlapping/partial genes), and pseudogenes of HS21 predicted by GPGA for different stringency criteria. Table S8. The analysis of residue substitution position in a triplet codon. Table S9. percentage of residue substitution (between A and T, A and G, A and C, T and G, T and C, G and C) along with its positional preference in a codon for the final stringency criterion (100-70). Table S10. Distribution of conserved blocks and genes along the length of HS21. Figure S1 (a). schematic representation of positional biasness for substitution in a triplet codon; (b). Schematic representation of the rate of base substitution between A and T; A and G; A and C; T and G; T and C; G and C. (PDF 202 kb)