Additional file 3: of A purely bioinformatic pipeline for the prediction of mammalian odorant receptor gene enhancers

Detailed information about locus composition at various threshold distances. Text files (.txt) detailing on locus composition, at a given threshold distance (in Mb), for different gene lists. File names are composed by list type (either: main olfactory epithelium, MOE; olfactome; vomeronasal organ, VNO; T-cell receptor genes, “t_cell_receptor”), species and threshold value (periods in numerical values being replaced by underscores, “_”). A “NO-PSEUDO” at the beginning of the file name indicates that the gene list originating the file is devoid of pseudogene-flagged entries. Clusters are presented from the richest (in terms of number of genes) to miniclusters; for each locus, the average intergenic distance (in Kb) is reported. Solitary genes are listed after clusters. Text files are provided as a single compressed (.zip) file available in the Open Science Framework repository, see paragraph “Availability of data and material”. (ZIP 719 kb)