Additional file 3: Figure S3. of Targeting VEGFR-3/-2 signaling pathways with AD0157: a potential strategy against tumor-associated lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic metastases

AD0157 inhibits LEC and MDA-MB-231/Luc+ cell proliferation. Representative curves showing the dose-dependent effect of AD0157 on the in vitro growth of LEC and MDA-MB-231/Luc+ cells. Cell proliferation is represented as a percentage of untreated cells. Each point represents the mean of quadruplicates; SD values were typically lower than 10% of the mean values and are omitted for clarity. The half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) value was calculated from dose-response curves as the concentration of compound yielding 50% of control cell survival. It is expressed as means ± s.e.m. of five independent experiments. (PS 415 kb)