Additional file 3: Figure S2. of Overexpression of PaNAC03, a stress induced NAC gene family transcription factor in Norway spruce leads to reduced flavonol biosynthesis and aberrant embryo development

Schematic representation of the PaLAR3A promoter (Genbank accession no. KX574229.1) in black and the PaLAR3B promoter (KX574230.1) in red, the white regions in PaLAR3B promoter corresponds to deletions in the sequence compared to PaLAR3A promoter. The two NAC binding sites (TTTCGT) present in the region unique to the PaLAR3A promoter are indicated in yellow. In the PaLAR3A_mut promoter it is only these two sites which has been mutated in the remainder of the PaLAR3A promoter is intact. (XLSX 69 kb)