Additional file 3: Figure S2. of MCL-1 inhibition provides a new way to suppress breast cancer metastasis and increase sensitivity to dasatinib

showing the apoptotic effect of MCL-1 siRNA and MCL-1 inhibitors on MDA-MB-468-2A and MDA-MB-231-2A, MDA-MB-157 and HCC-1937 cells. (A) MCL-1 siRNA. Bar graphs depicting the average fraction of apoptotic cells, measured as total Annexin V-positive by flow cytometry, for cells and treatments as indicated at 48 hours. Error bars show standard error of the mean. (B) MCL-1 inhibitors. Bar graphs of apoptosis as measured in (A) for cells and treatments as indicated. For A1210477 and UMI-77: + treated with 5 μM, ++ treated with 10 μM. All graphs are the average of three independent experiments. Bars indicate statistically significant groups, p value unpaired t tests. (JPG 1192 kb)