Additional file 38: Figure S2. of Integrated multi-omic analysis of host-microbiota interactions in acute oak decline

Metaproteome analysis using a curated database of abundant bacteria in the AOD lesion microbiome confirms the dominance of Brenneria goodwinii in AOD. Using our narrowed-down database, we re-performed comparative metaproteomics of our non-symptomatic vs. symptomatic samples. Genes were determined to be significantly different in abundance using a student’s t-test. Gene names in all capital letters correspond to oak host genes, while belong to B. goodwinii. Categories of interest are depicted in the colour key. Genes with an abundance fold change of 15 were not detected in non-symptomatic tissue. Circles in light grey going out from the centre indicate the different log2 fold changes, with the numbers indicated to the side of the plots. (TIFF 435 kb)