Additional file 2: of Arabidopsis Qc-SNARE genes BET11 and BET12 are required for fertility and pollen tube elongation

Figure S1. The Arabidopsis Qc-SNARE genes BET11 and BET12 encode membrane integral proteins. a Alignment of amino acid sequences with the consistency-based T-Coffee program ( ) revealed structural conservation (67.1 %) between the Arabidopsis BET11 and BET12 proteins and the yeast homolog Sft1. The residue color scheme shows the primary library support for the alignment of the considered residue on a scale from 0 (blue, poorly supported) to 9 (dark red, strongly supported). b and c left, diagram of the structural domains of BET11 and BET12 proteins adapted from UNIPROT ( ). Both proteins feature an N-terminal SNARE coiled-coil domain (red), a C-terminal transmembrane domain (red), and a C-terminal vesicular topological domain (green); however, only BET11 features a phospho-serine at residue 56. Right, 3D structures according to the SWISS-MODEL repository ( Both BET11 and BET12 are believed to assemble as single chains that may associate as heterotetramers. Symbols: * = identity match,: = high structural homology,. = high similarity.