Additional file 2: of The association between high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and metabolic risk factors in black and white South African women: a cross-sectional study

Table S2. Adjusted associations between triglycerides and hsCRP in black and white South African women. Data represents β-coefficients [95% confidence interval] and adjusted-R2. Model 1: hsCRP + age + race/ethnicity + (hsCRP x race/ethnicity interaction); Model 2: (Model 1) + SES + lifestyle factors; Model 3: (Model 2) + WC. hsCRP, C-reactive protein; hsCRP x race/ethnicity, interaction between hsCRP and race/ethnicity; WC, waist circumference; SES, socio-economic status; ln(TG), natural log of triglycerides. *p < 0.05 and **p < 0.001 (PDF 545 kb)