Additional file 2: of Sodium channels enable fast electrical signaling and regulate phagocytosis in the retinal pigment epithelium

Figure S2. Immunolabeling of different Nav subtypes in hESC-derived and mouse RPE. Different Nav channel subtypes were immunolabeled in (a) mature hESC-derived and (b) mouse RPE that had been fixed with 1% PFA. Laser scanning confocal microscopy Z-maximum intensity projections of Nav subtypes (green) labeled together with filamentous actin (phalloidin, red). In both samples, the subtypes Nav1.1, Nav1.3, Nav1.5, Nav1.7 and Nav1.9 showed labeling in cell-cell junctions and apical membrane. The subtype Nav1.2 gave extremely weak signals in both samples. Scale bars 10 μm. (PNG 4721 kb)