Additional file 2: of Socio-cultural determinants of physical activity across the life course: a ‘Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity’ (DEDIPAC) umbrella systematic literature review

Quality assessment of included systematic literature reviews using the AMSTAR checklist assessing eleven quality criteria. Summarizes the results of the methodological quality assessment of included systematic literature reviews based on a slightly modified version of the AMSTAR checklist [22, 23]. Criterion number 11 originally requires the conflict of interest statement in the SLR as well as in the primary studies; for this umbrella SLR the criterion was fulfilled, if the statement was provided in the SLR. *Criteria 1–11 were scored 0, when the criteria was not fulfilled, not applicable, or could not be answered based on the information provided by the systematic literature review, and 1, when the criteria was applicable for and fulfilled by the included systematic literature review. Sum quality score ranged from 0 to 11. **weak (sum quality score ranging from 0 to 3); moderate (sum quality score ranging from 4 to 7); strong (sum quality score ranging from 8 to 11). (XLSX 11 kb)