Additional file 2: of Single swim sessions in C. elegans induce key features of mammalian exercise

Transcript quantitation in paralyzed unc-54 mutants indicate that the oxidative stress response is exercise-dependent. (A–D) qPCR results in unc-54 mutants before and at different time points after a 90 min exposure to M9 buffer for oxidative stress reporter genes (n = 3 independent trials). Note the different y-axis scales between figure panels; scales presented are the same as in Additional file 1 for the respective genes to allow for a direct comparison between N2 and unc-54 mutants. We calculated relative expression by normalization to reference genes followed by normalization to the time point before exercise. We used paired two-tailed Student’s t tests to compare relative expression of control versus M9 buffer samples at each time point. *P < 0.05. (PDF 217 kb)