Additional file 2 of Short-term dexamethasone treatment transiently, but not permanently, attenuates fibrosis after acute-to-chronic kidney injury

Figure S2. Histological evaluation of fibroblast marker in the ischemic kidneys. UIRI was performed for 21 min at 36 °C, n = 8 in the untreated group, n = 10 in sham, dexamethasone and vehicle treatment groups. Animals were euthanized after treatment (3 weeks after UIRI) and 3 weeks after treatment (6 weeks after UIRI). A: α-SMA fibroblast area % stain. B: Representative images of α-SMA immunostained ischemic kidney tissue (magnification: 50x). °: p < 0.05 vs. Sham, *: p < 0.05. (JPG 1123 kb)