Additional file 2: of Serum depletion induces changes in protein expression in the trophoblast-derived cell line HTR-8/SVneo

Table S3. DIGE analysis: proteins identified via MS and bioinformatics analysis from 0.5 % serum culture. HTR-8/SVneo cells were grown in medium with 10 or 0.5 % FBS for 24 h. Total protein extracts (40 μg) were labeled with either Cy2 or Cy3 and analyzed using 2D–DIGE technology in triplicate, as previously described. Protein spots were analyzed via MALDI TOF and identified using the MASCOT search engine. MW (kDa) – theoretical and experimental molecular weight in kDalton; pI ~ – theoretical pI; MS score – protein score given by Mascot; % Seq – percentage sequence coverage; Pep match – number of peptides assigned to protein; Fold FBS 0.5 %/10 % – fold optical density of protein spot (expression) of 0.5 % serum proteomes (0.5 % FBS) compared to control proteomes (10 % FBS). Relevant GO terms for molecular function and biological process, retrieved by Nextprot database and DAVID tool. (XLS 90 kb)