Additional file 2: of Sequential combination of cisplatin with eugenol targets ovarian cancer stem cells through the Notch-Hes1 signalling pathway

2019-08-31T08:24:47Z (GMT) by Syed Islam Abdelilah Aboussekhra
Figure S2 Ectopic epression of Hes1 promotes invasion and resistance to cisplatin-induced apoptosis. A. Distribution and alteration frequency of Hes1, Hey1, Notch1, Notch2 and Notch3 in breast, ovarian, bladder, head and neck (HNCC) and clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) cancer types. The data were obtained from cBioportal for Cancer Genomics ( ) and processed by the R- statistical software using oncoPrint function implemented in the ComplexHeatmp package. B. immunofluorescence staining of Hes1 in parental and sphere cultures after cisplatin treatment as indicated. Bar graphs indicate the positive staining of Hes1 in GFP+ and GFP− cells (** P 0.01). C. Representative immunostaining images of cleaved caspase-3 (red color) in GFP+ and GFP− cells. (** p 0.01). D. Transwell invasion assay of the indicated cells (** p 0.01). (TIFF 1359 kb)