Additional file 2: of Senescent thyrocytes and thyroid tumor cells induce M2-like macrophage polarization of human monocytes via a PGE2-dependent mechanism

Figure S1. Detection of senescence markers in ER:RAS human primary thyrocytes untreated or treated with 4OHT. Cells were analyzed by WB for the expression of ER:RAS and p16INK4a proteins (β-actin represents loading control), and by BrdU incorporation assay for cell proliferation. Cells were treated with 4OHT for 4 days (a); for 24 or 48 h and monitored for the presence of senescence features at 7 or 14 days (b). In (c), the determination of the minimum 4OHT dose capable to induce thyrocyte senescence was assessed; in WB, values represent band densitometric analysis, normalized to β-actin loading control. For all BrdU experiments, bars represent mean + the standard deviation of five technical replicates RLU: relative luminescence unit (PDF 180 kb)