Additional file 2 of Reconstructing A/B compartments as revealed by Hi-C using long-range correlations in epigenetic data

2015-08-28T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Jean-Philippe Fortin Kasper Hansen
TCGA A/B compartments. Estimated compartments for 12 TCGA cancers using 450 k methylation data, as a concatenated TXT file. There are six columns; the file is tab separated and has a header. Column 1 (tcga_code) is the TCGA short code for the cancer. Columns 2 (chr), 3 (start) and 4 (end) are the chromosomal coordinates of each region, in hg19 coordinates (1-based) and at 100-kb resolution. Column 5 (eigen) is the estimated first eigenvector. Column 6 (domain) is whether or not the region is estimated to be in open or closed chromatin. (TXT 13619 kb)