Additional file 2: of Prevascularization of collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds: stromal vascular fraction versus adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments

Figure S2. Intravital fluorescence microscopy of implanted non-seeded scaffolds. a-c Intravital fluorescence microscopy (blue light epi-illumination with contrast enhancement by 5% FITC-labeled dextran) of a non-seeded Integra® scaffold on day 14 after implantation into a full-thickness skin defect within the dorsal skinfold chamber of a C57BL/6 recipient mouse (dotted lines = implant borders; arrows = perfused blood vessels; b, c = higher magnifications of inserts in a and b). Scale bars: a = 2.4 mm; b = 500 μm; c = 125 μm. d-g Perfused ROIs (d, e) and FMD (f, g) in the border (d, f) and center zones (e, g) of non-seeded Integra® scaffolds (grey circles, n = 4) on day 0, 3, 6, 10 and 14 after implantation, as assessed by intravital fluorescence microscopy. Means ± SEM. (PPTX 651 kb)