Additional file 2: of Piscine orthoreovirus sequences in escaped farmed Atlantic salmon in Washington and British Columbia

Figure S1. The phylogenetic tree of all PRV S1 segment sequences analyzed in this study (175 sequences) was constructed using Maximum Likelihood analysis using PhyML [55]. An outgroup (GenBank accession number: AF059720) was used to determine its root, but the outgroup itself was not included in the tree. The bootstrapping procedure was applied for 1000 times and the branches with 70% or higher bootstrapping support values were marked: each bootstrapping value corresponds to the branch on the same vertical level. The classification of PRV into two genotypes (I and II) and four sub-genotypes (Ia, Ib, IIa, and IIb) is also shown. The PRV S1 segment sequences obtained in this study from the samples of escaped farmed Atlantic salmon and the market-bought fish labeled “Product of Iceland” are highlighted in yellow (PDF 31 kb)