Additional file 2: of NGS-based phylogeny of diphtheria-related pathogenicity factors in different Corynebacterium spp. implies species-specific virulence transmission

Detected tox, dtxR, prophage and PAI coordinates, annotations and GC content (Table S3): For each of the 137 isolates, coordinates of tox and dtxR genes are given along with their species affiliation and their tox status analysed by qPCR and modified Elek test. All detected prophage sequences and PAIs are shown one line per region. For prophages and PAIs, information about region type and their overlapping or non-overlapping behavior in regard to the tox gene is indicated. For detected prophages, results from the prophage annotation software PHASTER [31] are given. For the alternative PAI, genomic start coordinates of the individual CDS sequences and structural annotations are indicated as well. Average GC content of the draft genome and the specific prophage/PAI regions is given. (XLSX 88 kb)