Additional file 2: of MiR-9 promotes tumorigenesis and angiogenesis and is activated by MYC and OCT4 in human glioma

Figure S1. MiR-9 is aberrantly expressed in the glioma specimens and shows tissue-dependent distribution. Figure S2. Knockdown of miR-9 suppresses malignant phenotypes of glioma cells. Figure S3. MiR-9 is involved in the regulation of basic biological behaviors of the HUVECs. Figure S4. MiR-9 acts as an angiogenesis inducer that is secreted from glioma cells and taken in by the HUVECs. Figure S5. MiR-9 promotes the glioma growth and novel vessel formation in vivo. Figure S6. Pattern diagram that summarize the regulatory model in our study. (PDF 990 kb)