Additional file 2: of Laminopathies: what can humans learn from fruit flies

Figure S1. Multiple sequence alignment of BAF proteins from different species: Caenorhabditis elegans (NP_499085.1 Barrier-to-autointegration factor 1), Drosophila melanogaster (NP_001260220.1 barrier to autointegration factor), Xenopus laevis: factor A (NP_001084558.1 barrier-to-autointegration factor A) and factor B (NP_001087314.1 barrier-to-autointegration factor B), Mus musculus (NP_001033320.1 barrier-to-autointegration factor), and Homo sapiens (NP_003851.1 barrier-to-autointegration factor). The darker blue color indicates higher similarity. The numbering above the multiple sequence alignment is for D. melanogaster. All sequences were aligned with CLUSTALX v. 2.0. Each alignment was edited in JALVIEW v. 2.8. and individually corrected for inaccurate fragments. (PNG 33 kb)