Additional file 2: of Kn-Ba: a novel serine protease isolated from Bitis arietans snake venom with fibrinogenolytic and kinin-releasing activities

Screening of serine-protease containing peaks. (A) The proteolytic activity of the pooled active peaks obtained from the first molecular exclusion chromatography upon Abz-FRSSR-EDDnp FRET substrate. The percentage of inhibition of (B) Fraction 2 (F2) and (C) Fraction 3 (F3) using EDTA, PMSF and PHE was duly performed. These assays were performed in quadruplicate. Results were expressed as specific activity (UF/min/μg) ± SEM and analyzed statistically using One-Way ANOVA test followed by Tukey HSD post-hoc tests (*p < 0.05). (TIF 118 kb)