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Additional file 2: of Identification of the novel activity-driven interaction between synaptotagmin 1 and presenilin 1 links calcium, synapse, and amyloid beta

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posted on 31.03.2016 by Akira Kuzuya, Katarzyna Zoltowska, Kathryn Post, Muriel Arimon, Xuejing Li, Sarah Svirsky, Masato Maesako, Alona Muzikansky, Vivek Gautam, Dora Kovacs, Bradley Hyman, Oksana Berezovska
Proteins identified in mass spectrometry screen of mouse brain lysates for novel PS1 calcium-dependent interactors. Synaptotagmin 1 (Syt1) was detected in high calcium condition (calcium +) when GST-PS1 L6-7 and GST-PS1 NT recombinant peptides were used for pull-down. Excised band size and protein matches are indicated. (n = 3; Data from one representative experiment is shown). (XLSX 20 kb)


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