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Additional file 2: of Genomic characterization of MDR/XDR-TB in Kazakhstan by a combination of high-throughput methods predominantly shows the ongoing transmission of L2/Beijing 94–32 central Asian/Russian clusters

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posted on 24.06.2019 by B. Klotoe, S. Kacimi, E. Costa-ConceicĂŁo, H. Gomes, R. Barcellos, S. Panaiotov, D. Haj Slimene, N. Sikhayeva, S. Sengstake, A. Schuitema, M. Akhalaia, A. Alenova, E. Zholdybayeva, P. Tarlykov, R. Anthony, G. RefrĂŠgier, C. Sola
Figure S3. Comparison between IS6110-RFLP patterns obtained in Kazakhstan (2001) and Uzbekistan. (2001–2004). (PDF 1710 kb)


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