Additional file 2: of Genomic analyses of an extensive collection of wild and cultivated accessions provide new insights into peach breeding history

Table S2. Distribution and summary of genome-wide variants. Table S3. Summary of SNP annotations. Table S4. SNP loci (30) selected for validation by Sequenom MassARRAY. Table S5. GWAS results for six traits using SNPs and SVs. Table S6. Estimation of domestication bottlenecks in peach and other crop and fruit species. Table S7. Domestication bottleneck verified using BOTTLENECK. Table S12. Genomic regions continuously selected by both domestication and improvement. Table S13. Summary of SNPs associated with SSC and fruit weight. Table S14. SNPs associated with chilling requirement. Table S19. Shared selective sweeps between western and eastern improved groups. Table S20. Eastern specific improvement sweeps. Table S21. Western group specific improvement sweeps. Table S22. Best fitting parameters for the two-population model for cultivated and wild peach groups in the demographic analysis. Table S23. Primers used in this study. (DOC 486 kb)