Additional file 2 of Gene expression profiles in neurological tissues during West Nile virus infection: a critical meta-analysis

Result lists of differential analyses in group 1. The table displays result lists of the differential analyses in group 1. Rows representing those genes, common in the five individual studies of group 1. Two identifiers (‘GeneID’ and ‘Gene Symbol’) are used. Columns 3 to 18 are displaying the outcomes for different analysis variants: Columns, starting with the term ‘early’ are results from the ‘early merging’; same applies for the ‘late merging’. Columns of the individual studies begin with their identifier (see Fig. 2). For each, the p-values (‘.p’) and the adjusted p-values (‘.q’) were calculated. For the early and late merging, the absolute value of the test-statistic was also given out (‘.t.abs’). Columns ‘logFC.min’ and ‘logFC.max’ are showing the gene-wise minimum and maximum values of the logFCs from the individual studies. (XLSX 4787 kb)