Additional file 2: of Enhanced mammalian genome editing by new Cas12a orthologs with optimized crRNA scaffolds

Figure S1. Phylogeny tree of non-redundant Cas12a orthologs and selected Cas12a loci for genome editing. Figure S2. In vitro DNA cleavage assay for Cas12a PAM sequences. Figure S3. Six new Cas12a proteins mediated robust genome editing in mammalian cells. Figure S4. Increased genome-wide coverage of HkCas12a with altered PAMs. Figure S5. crRNA scaffold alters targeted indel efficiencies of Cas12a proteins. Figure S6. crRNA scaffold optimization and screening. Figure S7. Enhanced targeted efficiency with optimized crRNA scaffold. Figure S8. Conserved residues in PAM-interacting (PI) domain of Cas12a proteins. (PDF 18496 kb)