Additional file 2: of EnanDIM - a novel family of L-nucleotide-protected TLR9 agonists for cancer immunotherapy

Figure S2. Selection of an EnanDIM® molecule with strong B cell activation. a, screening for increase of B cell activation (CD86 + CD19+): incubation of human PBMC with EnanDIM® molecules as well as a reference molecule at a final concentration of 3 μM for 48 h in vitro. Expression of CD86 on monocytes and B cells was quantified and normalized to the reference molecule (N ranges from 2 to 29 for the different molecules). EnanDIM-A, -B and -C are shown as black solid circles. b, dose-response curves of human PBMC stimulation in vitro. PBMC were stimulated with EnanDIM-B at the indicated concentrations for 48 h, cytokines (n = 8) and cellular activation markers (n = 5) were analyzed. (PPTX 72 kb)