Additional file 2: of Development and validation of a simplified method to generate human microglia from pluripotent stem cells

Figure S2. Both HPC and HPC 2.0 methods produce cells with consistently high expression of the primitive HPC marker CD43. (Top) Quantification of flow cytometry analysis from four independent iPSC lines per method (n = 3 wells/line) reveal a similarly high proportion of cells (> 90%) that express the primitive HPC marker CD43 following differentiation with either our previous or currently described approach. In contrast, two other primitive HPC markers, CD41 and CD235a, exhibit relatively low and heterogeneous expression within this CD43+ population (Middle). Representative FACS plots demonstrating typical CD43+ histograms (pre gated for live, single cells). Gates were drawn based on FMO (fluorescence minus one) controls. (Bottom) Heatmap from RNA sequencing of iPS-HPC samples shows similar gene expression levels for CD43, CD41, and CD235a. (XLSX 1415 kb)