Additional file 2 of Comprehensive repeatome annotation reveals strong potential impact of repetitive elements on tomato ripening

Table S1. Genome coverage of the different repeat families. For each repeat family, a coverage calculation has been performed and the percentage of coverage of each family was relating the cover of every family with respect to the overall repeat coverage of the genome. Table S2. Compartmentalization of the tomato genome in three major regions. Coordinates in gff3 format of the three regions of the genome based on the repeats and genes coverage calculation into 500 kb windows with overlap of 50 kb.Table S3. Names of identified TE-genes. List of ID and name of each gene identified as a TE-gene. Table S4. Statistical results of the analysis of transposable elements consensus by the method of Makarevitch and al. Table S5. Functional annotation of differentially expressed genes candidate as RIN targets. (XLSX 89 kb)