Additional file 2: of Complete genome of streamlined marine actinobacterium Pontimonas salivibrio strain CL-TW6T adapted to coastal planktonic lifestyle

Table S2. Loci from P. salivibrio CL-TW6T grouped by pathway or functional category with vertical indexes: Loci involving light, Pathways for synthesizing isoprenoid products, Pathways of carbohydrate utilization and synthesis, Genes related to planktonic vs. biofilm lifestyle, Sigma factors and regulators, Systemic regulators in P. salivibrio CL-TW6T, Redox systems, Proteins involved in heat and cold shock, Genes related to osmotic stress, Possible exporters in P. salivibrio CL-TW6T, ABC importers, Amino acid biosynthesis and catabolism pathways, Miscellaneous paths, Cell wall synthesis, and Lipid pathways. (XLS 148 kb)