Additional file 2: of BALDR: a computational pipeline for paired heavy and light chain immunoglobulin reconstruction in single-cell RNA-seq data

Results of Ig reconstruction using BALDR. The V(D)J gene annotations, CDR3 sequences, the number of reads mapping to the Ig chain using bowtie2, whether the chain is productive, and the complete sequences are shown for the Ig chains reconstructed using BALDR pipeline for all the human datasets (AW2-AW3 (SE151) plasmablast dataset with and without in silico read normalization, plasmablast AW1 (PE101, PE75, PE50, SE101, SE75, and SE50), the VH (PE76) CD19+ Lin– B cell dataset, and the AW2-AW3 (SE50) for IG_mapped+Unmapped method) and the rhesus macaque datasets (BL8, BL6.1, and BL6.2). When the RT-PCR sequence is available, the V(D)J genes and the CDR3 sequence are also shown for the corresponding chains, and concordance between the BALDR reconstructed chains and the RT-PCR sequence is indicated. The results for Ig reconstruction using the BASIC method are also shown along with matching RT-PCR for AW2-AW3 (SE101 and SE50), VH (PE76), and AW1 (PE101, PE75, PE50, SE101, SE75, and SE50) datasets. (XLSX 2190 kb)