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Additional file 2 of Anti-TNF- Îątreatment-related pathways and biomarkers revealed by transcriptome analysis in Chinese psoriasis patients

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posted on 05.04.2019 by Lunfei Liu, Wenting Liu, Yuxin Zheng, Jisu Chen, Jiong Zhou, Huatuo Dai, Suiqing Cai, Jianjun Liu, Min Zheng, Yunqing Ren
Additional Table 2. The details of co-expression modules generated from WGCNA, where 13 modules that are significantly positive-correlated with treatment (correlation coefficient > 0.5, p-value < 0.05); and 9 modules that are significantly negative-correlated with treatment (correlation coefficient < -0.5, p-value < 0.05). (XLSX 375 kb)