Additional file 2: of A unique cluster of roo insertions in the promoter region of a stress response gene in Drosophila melanogaster

A. PCR results for the 277 strains analyzed in this work and in Merenciano et al. (2016). Strains used in Merenciano et al. (2016) are highlighted in blue. B. Tlex-2 predictions in Merenciano et al. (2016) compared to PCR results in this work. Correct predictions are highlighted in green. Strains with roo insertions not identified in Merenciano et al. (2016) are highlighted in orange. Strains for which no results were obtained either by T-lex2 or by PCR are highlighted in grey. C. Allelic frequencies of all the 20 roo insertions in all the populations analyzed. EU: Europe, NA: North America and ZI: Zambia. D. Allelic frequencies (%) of the 20 roo insertions in the 15 different populations analyzed. Elements only present in one population are highlighted in red. E. Expected genotype frequency of heterozygous flies with the two most common insertions, FBti0019985 and roo-90 in all the populations analyzed. a: FBti0019985 alellic frequency, b: roo-90 alellic frequency, and c: absent alellic frequency. (XLSX 47 kb)