Additional file 2: Table S1. of A-to-I RNA editing in the rat brain is age-dependent, region-specific and sensitive to environmental stress across generations

RNA editing sites detected with mmPCR-seq. Table S2. Primer sequences used for mmPCR-seq, Real-Time PCR and Htr2c-directed NGS. Table S3. % RNA editing in PFC and AMY of neonatal (P0) vs. adult (P60) rats. Table S4. Age-dependent changes in Htr2c isoform prevalence in PFC and AMY. Table S5. % RNA editing in neonatal (P0) and adult (P60) PFC vs. AMY. Table S6. Htr2c and ADARs correlations with significant non-synonymous editing sites. Table S7. Changes in Htr2c isoform prevalence in PFC vs. AMY at P0 and P60. Table S8. The effects of PRS on RNA editing at learning- and stress-related genes in F0, F1 and F2. Table S9. Statistical analysis of editing differences between oocytes, PFC and AMY. (XLSX 92 kb)