Additional file 2: Table 1. of Comparative epidemiology of influenza A and B viral infection in a subtropical region: a 7-year surveillance in Okinawa, Japan

Example weeks from dataset 1 and dataset 2 post-alignment. Sample weeks shown here are to serve as a visual representation of the method outlined to evaluate age distribution. Dataset 1 (left) and dataset 2 (right) were combined and aligned following the selection of “epidemic weeks”. A week in which influenza A or B cases accounted for more than 90 % of all positive influenza cases was defined as an epidemic week. In the year 2007, you see an example of a defined influenza A epidemic week, whereas the year 2011 is a representative influenza B epidemic week. The week from 2013 displays a typical week which was removed from our age distribution analysis because neither influenza A nor B was dominant (>90 %). (PPTX 66 kb)