Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Tumor slice culture system to assess drug response of primary breast cancer

Title: Analysis of constant movement and optimal culture medium at 48 hours incubation. Description: Representative images of different tissue slices from one single tumor indicating microscopic fields harboring the highest number of EdU positive cells. A. Control slices were directly labeled for two hours with EdU after slicing during constant movement at 60 rpm. B. Manually (approx. 2 mm) sliced samples were incubated without movement for 48 hours in different culture media. Very low numbers of EdU positive cells were present in the samples. Manually (approx. 2 mm) sliced samples that were incubated under constant movement conditions (60 rpm) for 48 hours in different culture media displayed higher number of EdU positive cells. C. Great heterogeneity in tumor stroma ratio was observed between different slices from the same tumor. D. Within the same slice also variation of proliferation indicated by EdU incorporation was noticed. This variation was partly explained by tumor-stroma variation but also by intrinsic variation in proliferation of tumor cells. (JPG 3683 kb)