Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Soluble oligomeric amyloid-β induces calcium dyshomeostasis that precedes synapse loss in the living mouse brain

Time course of oAβ-induced increase in resting calcium levels after acute exposure with TgCM on a healthy brain. C57BL/6 mice were injected with AAV-CBA-YC3.6 into the somatosensory cortex and acutely exposed to TgCM containing oAβ. The changes in YFP/CFP ratios in the neurites were measured at baseline before treatment and 30 min, 1 h and 5 h after topical application of TgCM. A progressive increase in the levels of resting calcium (YFP/CFP ratio and the actual calcium levels on the lower and upper x-axis, respectively) was detected that reached a peak after 1 h (20.6% of overloaded neurites), before returning to baseline levels after 5 h (1.7% overloaded neurites). (TIF 37844 kb)