Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Small putative NANOG, SOX2, and SSEA-4-positive stem cells resembling very small embryonic-like stem cells in sections of ovarian tissue in patients with ovarian cancer

Sections of ovaries in borderline ovarian cancer, fetal ovary, and women of reproductive age. In borderline ovarian cancer (a) and fetal ovary (b) comparable “chambers” (arrows) containing small round cells have been observed. In “chambers” of fetal ovaries the oocyte progenitor cells are present. No comparable “chambers” have been observed in ovaries of women of reproductive age: fertile women (c) with follicles in ovarian cortex, and women with premature ovarian failure (d) without follicles in the ovarian cortex. In cancerous ovaries early follicles containing primitive oocytes were still found in “normal” ovarian cortex tissue (e). (Light microscope: a-e, magnifications 100x, 200x and 1000X). Legend: F-follicle. Red Bars: 100 μm. (JPG 1981 kb)