Additional file 2: Figure S2. of SHP2 acts both upstream and downstream of multiple receptor tyrosine kinases to promote basal-like and triple-negative breast cancer

Silencing SHP2 expression in the MDA-MB-231 (a) and MDA-MB-468 (b) cells drastically reduced EGFR protein level, which became hypersensitive to EGF-induced degradation. Inhibition of SHP2 by dominant-negative (C459S-SHP2) expression led to a similar decrease (similar to shRNA-based inhibition) in EGFR protein level, but expression of vector alone or wild-type SHP2 (WT-SHP) did not. (a) Immunoblotting data and (b) bar graph showing band density measurement values of the immunoblotting data. The values represent data from at least three independent experiments. (PDF 201 kb)