Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Identification of a potent small molecule capable of regulating polyploidization, megakaryocyte maturation, and platelet production

616452 and TPO independence and synergy. BM and CB CD34+ cells were cultured in the presence of SCF and TPO. In 4 days of culture, the cells were all healthy and relatively the same size (a,b). By 8 days of culture, BM cells appeared to have a few (<1%) megakaryocytes with a size approximately four times that of a regular HSC (c). CB however, had no such cells (d). Those cells induced with 616452 for both BM and CB developed a significant number of large MKs (e,f). When CB CD34+ cells were induced with 616452 for 8 days under various cytokine conditions (g), it was found that 616452 works independently of either SCF or TPO inducing MK maturation under all conditions. (JPG 193 kb)