Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Development of the excitation-contraction coupling machinery and its relation to myofibrillogenesis in human iPSC-derived skeletal myocytes

Alpha-actinin immunofluorescence and ultrastructure of human iPSC-derived skeletal myocytes on day 3 post-differentiation in culture. A Immunofluorescence labeling of α-actinin in one of the few elongated cells at this very early stage of differentiation. Note the punctuate labeling along the periphery of the cell. B 1–3 Electron micrographs shown at increasing magnification to disclose structural details of the early cytoskeleton remodeling. The area occupied by nascent myofilaments is relatively limited and mainly localized at the periphery of the cell. Note the presence of many undifferentiated cells surrounding this early myocyte. (TIFF 3844 kb)