Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Cryptic protein-protein interaction motifs in the cytoplasmic domain of MHCI proteins

PDZ ligand motifs identified in the cytoplasmic domains of 16 mouse MHCI and MHCI-like proteins. Putative PDZ ligand motifs are highlighted in red, and previously noted conserved serines and tyrosine (see text) are underlined in bold. Consensus motifs: class 1 PDZ, [S/T X Φ]; class 2 PDZ, [ΦXΦ]; class 3 PDZ, [D/E X Φ]; Φ = Y, F, W, C, M, V, I, L, or A [44]. H2-T23 is also known as Qa-1. No ligand motifs were found in the cytoplasmic domain of H2-M2 or -M9, and therefore they are omitted. Soluble MHCI proteins including H2-Q10 lack a cytoplasmic domain and were not considered in this analysis. (PPTX 37 kb)