Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Autophagy-independent function of Atg1 for apoptosis-induced compensatory proliferation

Expression of dAtg1 enhances caspase activity and apoptosis. Late third instar larval eye discs labeled with the cleaved Caspase-3 antibodies (cCasp3, green in A, B, grey in A’, B’, blue in C, and grey in C’), anterior is to the left. (A–B’) Compared to ey > hid-p35 discs (A, A’), cCasp3 labeling indicating activity of Dronc is not affected by expression of dAtg1 which enhances ey > hid-p35-induced overgrowth phenotype (B, B’). (C–C”’) Expression of dAtg1 under control of DE-Gal4 and tub-Gal80ts (DEts) and indicated by GFP. Expression of dAtg1 by a temperature shift (ts) to 29 °C for 48 h induces apoptosis as indicated by cCasp3 labeling (C’, arrow) and developmental defects in the eye disc indicated by the affected pattern of ELAV labeling (C”, arrow). (TIF 4775 kb)