Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Activins and their related proteins in colon carcinogenesis: insights from early and advanced azoxymethane rat models of colon cancer

Steps of processing the study digital images with ImageJ software for calculating the surface areas of colonic adenoma (left column; ×100 magnification), carcinoma in situ (middle column; ×100 magnification) and adenocarcinoma (right column; ×200 magnification) observed by light microscopy and following staining with haematoxylin & eosin. The areas of interest were also selected with the support of an expert histopathologist (2nd row from top), then processed for colour threshold adjustment using HSB and ‘red’ as threshold colour (3rd row from top) and, finally all the images were transformed to binary colours in which the areas of interest appear in solid black colour (bottom row). All measurements were calculated following calibration with digital photos of corresponding microscopic scale slides captured at the designated magnifications. (Panels 1A-E and 2A-E: ×100 magnification, scale bar = 15 μm; panels 3A-E × 200 magnification, scale bar = 8 μm). (PPTX 1748 kb)