Additional file 2: Figure S2. of A comprehensive evaluation of an ELISA for the diagnosis of the two most common ascarids in chickens using plasma or egg yolks

Plasma antibody concentrations (mU/ml) in chickens experimentally infected (red dot) with A. galli (A) or H. gallinarum (B) or from uninfected control birds (green dot). Plasma samples were analysed both with the worm-specific ELISA and with the alternative assay developed for the detection of antibodies against the other worm species (A. galli vs H. gallinarum or vice versa). Antibody concentrations measured with the species-specific assay are shown on the Y-axes, whereas results with the alternative assay are shown on the X-axes of the corresponding plots. The fitted lines (dark blue line) are shown together with the confidence regions. Number of observations: a Control (n = 8); Infected (n = 37); b Control (n = 19); Infected (n = 20). The figure represents raw data, but the statistical comparisons are based on the log-transformed data. (TIF 111 kb)