Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Multiplexed, targeted profiling of single-cell proteomes and transcriptomes in a single reaction

Standard protein probe curves using recombinant proteins. Two-fold dilutions of recombinant proteins were backloaded into the C1 IFC and processed according to the PEA/STA protocol. Shown here are the PEA measurements, with the y-axis values representing ∆Ct values from only lysis buffer. Gray (green) dashes show the level above which the probability for a detection event being real is p = 0.01 (0.05). Each data point plotted is the average of eight separate capture sites in the C1 IFC with error bars showing the standard error of the mean. Points used for fitting the red trend line are colored blue. Most probes evaluated with recombinants worked well (a) with the exception of CSF3R_P and TP53_P (b), whose lack of detection was also seen in the protein lysate dilutions (Additional file 3: Figure S2). (PDF 315 kb)