Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Derivation of consensus inactivation status for X-linked genes from genome-wide studies

Comparing the Cotton DNAm XCI status calls and consensus calls. No data reflects genes which were not called in the DNAm study, primarily due to a lack of CpG islands. Uncallable are genes which had methylation between the subject and escape classifiers and were unable to be confidently called by the DNAm study. S, E, and VE are subject, escape, and variable escape from XCI. E/VE and S/VE are genes which were fully subject or escape in some tissues while variably escaping in other tissues. All 4 states were genes which had some tissues subject, escaping, variably escaping and uncallable making the gene not fit into any other XCI status category. A) The Cotton DNAm XCI status calls when the consensus call is variable escape or discordant. N = 91. B) The Cotton DNAm XCI status calls for all genes on the X chromosome for comparison. N = 1144. (PDF 126 kb)